About Us

Tadika Impian Elit established on year 2009, located at No. 1, Semarak 1F, Bandar Utama Batang Kali, Seksyen 2, Batang Kali, Selangor.
We are fast growing tadika and within 5 years we had achieved 400% growth in term of no of student and revenue.
We have continuesly improve our facilities, review and enhance our programme and giving our best to the student.
we are the leader and one of best Tadika around Hulu Selangor.

Our Vision

To be global leader in providing early childhood education.

Our Mission

Childhood is a brief moment in time, the innocence and joy of a child's early years should be honoured and preserved.
Our mission is to honoured and preserve these joy, sweet memory and learning experience for our student and parent.
To provide opportunity for children to explore, learn and socialise in multicultural environment.
To provide conducive learning environment i.e. safe, secure, homely, cheerful and clean to the student.

Our core values

E xcellence, L ove and care, I nnovative, T echnology, E nvironment.

E xcellence

We believe in strike for excellence not perfection.
All our activities are carefully plan and executed professionally.

L ove and care

As childhood is brief moment in time. With LOVE and CARE, the innocence and joy of child's early years can be honoured and preserved.
We greet our children every morning of school day to promote courteous and polite behavior.

I nnovative

We believe in Innovative, our annual events are one of a kind and best in class.
Annual Concert to unleash children talents and cultivate self esteem and confident.
Educational trip are fun,educational and value for money.
Mid-Autumn Festival educate our children one of Malaysian culture and enrich childhood joy and experience.
At the same time, it foster sense of community by bringing student families together via Potluck style gathering.
National day celebration to cultivate patriotic and get to know our nation.
Sport Day to promote healthy life style and improve motor skills.
Last but not least, we organize Birthday Party for our children to promote sharing, caring and giving among the student.

T echnology

We are technology savvy, we created facebook group and Impian Elit website which allow us to communicate and exchange opinion with parent via facebook platform.
We will continue improve and invest in technology.

E nvironment

We respect our environment and recycle, reuse and reduce our resources wherever and whenever we can.
Our building and classroom are well ventilated and brighten by nature sunlight which help to reduce electricity consumption without compromise comfortability.
We educate our student about conservation of environment by simple practise i.e. save water and electricity, recycle, reuse and reduce plastic bag usage.

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